Qorvo Engineering Technician in Greensboro (HQ), North Carolina


Qorvo is an E-Verify employer.

Site: NC - GreensboroBusiness Title: Engineering TechnicianShift: R-CWW-B-13%

General Description - State the major purpose, objective or functions of the position.

This position targets individuals with a sense of ownership and an exceptional eye for detail, quality and commitment. The employee will be challenged with the demands of supporting high-quality/quick-turn Prototype Operation needs in an ever-changing environment. This includes but is not limited to equipment programming, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and support of related equipment used in the assembly of complex integrated circuits. Lead and complete equipment and process development projects as assigned by the Group Leader or Manager

II. Essential Functions: Briefly describe and list, in order of importance, the work actually performed. Begin each line with an action verb such as assists, plans, advises, performs, administers, etc. - - Focus on the purpose of the function and the results to be accomplished.

  • Support quick-turn prototype assembly demands. The primary work-center includes DTR, Die-Attach, Die-Sorting and Flip-Chip (Die Processing).

  • Troubleshoot and solve novel to difficult equipment and processing problems


Program equipment for optimal quality and speed.


Perform equipment preventive maintenance, unplanned maintenance, and calibration routines


Lead efforts to track down and resolve chronic equipment, downtime, yield, or quality issues


A keen attention to detail and dexterity necessary for working with precision tooling


Lead and complete project work as assigned by the Group Leader or Manager


Play an active role in the continuous team effort to improve quality and cycle time


Procure, document and maintain appropriate equipment spares inventory levels


Recommend and justify process improvements with Group Lead / Manager. This can include training, equipment, tooling, materials and more


Responsible for writing purchase requisitions for tools, spares, and equipment consumables


Support documentation – revisions to Work Instructions and PM Procedures.


Support training activities


Maintain a positive demeanor when faced with challenging situations


He or she must clearly communicate any equipment/process problems that can affect build quality or cycle-time to the die-services team and Group Lead

III. Background

A. Supervision - List the number of people this position supervises if any, either directly or through subordinates, and describe the degree of supervision.

The Senior Technician is in charge of keeping the equipment and process optimal. He or she is responsible for providing technical guidance to Entry Level Technicians and Operators. This position has no direct reports.

B. Confidentiality - Describe the exposure level to confidential company information. Explain the type of data handled.

Familiar with prototype design spins, customer’s shipments, manufacturing processes, materials, cycle time, yield, etc.

C. Mental Application - Describe the nature of the decision-making ability the position requires versus the extent to which the work is governed by established policies and procedures.

Makes decisions that can affect the product quality, reliability, cost, cycle time, and delivery to customers.

D. Responsibilities - State the extent to which an error in judgment on the job would result in loss of time, expense or public/employee goodwill.

Error in judgement can materialize into customer dissatisfaction, late delivery, damaged machinery …

E. Contacts: Internal and Public - Describe the level of contact with others outside and within the organization. Consider the level of topics discussed as well as the number of contacts and their effects on company operations.

This Position has constant interaction with suppliers, prototype operators, engineers and other technicians of the prototype operation facility. May engage directly with the Product Line.

F. Magnitude and Scope of Financial Responsibilities - List the types and amount of expenditure the position is authorized to approve, if any. If applicable, state the amount of annual sales or other income produced by the position or under the position’s direction and/or the amount of annual payroll under the position’s supervision.

The position has authority to recommend spare parts/supplies, materials, tooling, training and equipment improvement purchases. Provide input to establish budgetary requirements where necessary.

IV. Conditions and Equipment

A. Working Conditions - List the conditions under which the job is performed:

An estimated 80% of time is spent on the prototype floor supporting Operations. This includes but is not limited to programming, optimizing and verifying (equipment) recipes for die-handling equipment….targeting quality and optimal throughput.

Remaining time will be dedicated to maintenance, documentation updates and maintaining spare parts inventory and/or completing project work.

B. Equipment Operation - List the equipment and/or computer software packages this position would use that require some knowledge and skill for usage.

Primarily equipment-sets:

BESI platforms – 2100’s, DS4000, DS9000e (flip-chip, die-attach and die-sorting)

Datacon (flip-chip) Equipment

Royce DE35 (manual die-sort)

Muhlbauer DS Variation

Blue M ovens

Miscellaneous peripheral equipment *Must also have an understanding of micrometers and basic microscopy skills.

Secondary equipment sets: X-ray and die-shear systems.

Primarily software: Equipment based

Supporting software: MS Office (Excel, Work, PowerPoint) and Outlook

V. Job Specifications - List the knowledge, skills and abilities required or preferred for this position. (Include licenses or certifications required)

A. Education

Required: Two year technical degree

Preferred: Four year engineering degree: mechanical, electrical and/or electronic

B. Experience

Required: 2 years of experience as an equipment maintenance or process technician

Preferred: 5 years of experience as an equipment maintenance or process technician in IC packaging

C. Abilities

Required: Must be safety conscious and possess a basic understanding of electronic equipment and precision measuring tools (calipers, micrometer and coordinate measurement microscopes). Must have a strong mechanical aptitude with excellent equipment troubleshooting abilities and the dexterity required to assemble a variety of complex parts to very close tolerances. Must be able to work from detailed drawings, assembly diagrams, specifications and/or verbal instructions required to perform the job. Must be VERY quality focused and capable of working in a fast-paced, high-mix/medium-volume environment and able to find quick solutions to immediate problems. Must communicate effectively and routinely with opposite shift members, group-leads and supervision. Must get along well with others and maintain a professional attitude especially when dealing with difficult situations. Must be able to own projects, documentation and training activities.


Location: NC - Greensboro (HQ)

Activation Date: Friday, September 14, 2018

Expiration Date: Sunday, September 15, 2019

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